Very special thanks to

Melk, Newman Janos, StickyLeaf, Harold Saxon, Orwell

and our discord members

for testing, criticizing and giving inspiration.

We thank our discord members for their great translations:

  • Russian: Баварский лебедь and SheerCold
  • Spanish: Coldman
  • French: Azaariah and Hasuko

We would also like to give credit to the following people and projects:

  • FloodFill2D by Blindman67 2016. Original source code from
  • Rainmaker Font by Paulo R
  • Cabinsketch Font by Pablo Impallari & Igino Marini
  • "Farts // pieruja" sounds by YleArkisto
  • "Ticking Clock, A.wav" by InspectorJ
  • "Level Up 01" by rhodesmas
  • "Game Sound Wrong.wav" by Bertrof
  • Countless stackexchange users